The conference will be held in Utrecht (half an hour by train from Schiphol Airport).The venue where plenary sessions will be held is Tivoli-Vredenburg and will sit very near to the central railway station. During the conference, you can expect a great variety in workshops and excursions throughout the city of Utrecht.

Explore Utrecht

Utrecht is the beating heart of the Netherlands. A city with an unparalleled vitality. A medieval city centre small enough to explore on foot. Large enough to enjoy world class festivals, modern architecture, trendy shops and interesting museums for days on end.

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Utrecht: Healthy Urban Living

By putting health at the heart of our urban development, Utrecht creats a value based strategy and a purpose for the future of the city. Ecomobility is an indispensable part of this. A fundamental partnership approach enables us to pursue the ambition of healthy urban living with the knowledge, experience and creativity of all Utrecht people, professionals, companies and institutions. Showing that it ’s cities and their surrounding regions that are at the heart of the urban solutions needed today.