Connectivity – Lifestyles – Governance
A detailed programme will follow soon


During the conference we aim to draw principles to approach challenges in the continuous process of urban change and growth, by looking at successes and lessons learned during urban developments. One of the elements in the Utrecht Spring Conference is receiving updates on developments in the city of Utrecht and several other European cities. These cities will be presenting developments in areas that were both separators and connectors, like the Utrecht Station District. This area was disruptive in the degree of change initiated, but had the potential to create a climate of collaboration through the process of co-production with the private sector, public transport companies and the local population. These partnerships have helped Utrecht to become the fastest growing city in the Netherlands, as well as the second Most Competitive Region of Europe.

The conference will include plenary sessions, flash visits to various sites, and breakout sessions where the following key themes will be addressed:

  • Connectivity: Workspace & Futures
  • ┬áLifestyles: Healthy Living & Public Space
  • Governance: Collaboration & Design Thinking

The conference will be arranged in a way that participants, representatives, stakeholders and institutions from around Europe will have the opportunity to share experiences and initiatives and to learn from each other.

Keynote speakers will come from all over Europe, e.g. France, Germany, Danmark, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.