An experience you’ll never forget

During the conference, you can expect a great variety in workshops and excursions. These will include:

  • Visiting the test location for self-driving cars and the ‘bio-washing machine’ (for cleaning contaminated land)
  • Stationsplein Oost: ‘complexification’ as a management strategy in urban regeneration
  • The secrets and successes of area development
  • The new Utrecht Central Railway Station, the biggest Public Transport Terminal of the Netherlands (more than 88 million people each year)
  • Visiting the Merwedekanaal Zone, a regeneration programme of a current brownfield area
  • A complete remake of the biggest Dutch shopping mall, New Hoog Catharijne
  • Visiting LomboXnet, smart solar charging, the first sunpower-controlled charging station and V2G-system
  • Around 30 other expert oriented workshops and excursions you can choose from

And more:

This conference will give you an experience you’ll never forget because you will:

  • Visit to the new, biggest bicycle parking garage in the world
  • Be invited to a special dinner in het Utrecht Spoorwegmuseum (Railway Museum): enjoy a full conference dinner between old and special trains
  • Visit the ruins of the Vredenburg Castle incorporated in the basements of the new shopping mall and the restored Singel (canal)
  • Experience an unique conference venue: ‘TivoliVredenburg Music Palace’
  • and much more